Powerful marriage proposal spells

When a silly and impatient client hears from his spell caster that it’s too early to cast powerful marriage proposal spells and it’s important to cleanse his energy, as well as improve his karma and attractiveness first, he gets outraged. He accuses the spell caster of trying to sell him a bunch of unnecessary and expensive ad-ons and walks away. He wants to find someone who will agree to perform a marriage ritual without making any preparations for a quite low price (which raises a lot of questions though).

Let me, spellcaster Maxim spellshelp.com, clarify it. Magic services can’t be cheap. Sorcerers invest thousands of dollars to set up and equip their magical labs. A similar amount is spent on the altar. On top of that, trained spell casters spend a fortune on books about magic and travel as they visit sacral places in order to strengthen and purify their energy and connect to Higher Worlds.

Marriage proposal spellsSuch preparations are critical. To become a skilled sorcerer, one needs to invest into proper education and workplace that is both, efficient and safe for clients. Significantly lower prices can be offered by people who have never studied magic and never bought any magical artifacts or rare occult books which can be more expensive than a three-story house somewhere in the suburbs around New York City.

Smart and patient people won’t go to a bad magician. If they’re told it’s too early for strong marriage spells, they’ll ask a reasonable question: why? This is when the spell caster will tell them about different reasons why marriage spells should be postponed.

The first reason is stained chakras. Chakras are like an energy supply and exchange system. When the system is operational, the energy flow is stable and the energy is easy to work with. Any healthy chakra can be linked to an energy channel to build a mutual attraction between two people. If the chakras are unwell, the channel can’t be linked properly and the attraction doesn’t happen. As a result, the marriage (that’s our ultimate goal) falls apart.

The second reason is weak energy. Spell casters work with energies like sculptors with clay or bakers with cake ingredients. With a sufficient amount of the right material, they can create a masterpiece. If there is not enough material or if the material is old or non-conforming, the final product will be ] ugly or poisonous. Stagnant energies poison you and push away the person you’re attracted to. Magic can be done only after the energies have been cleansed. Without clean energy, the spell will be a waste of money.


Strong marriage spells


The third reason is when it’s impossible to cast marriage spells that work fast. Real spell casters must not be rushed. It takes them at least a few days to examine the future spouses’ energy, fate and future. More time is needed to prepare the client and the target and make preparations for the ritual. It also takes some time to get the right mindset to do magic. As a result, a trained spellcaster who is committed to delivering excellent results needs a few weeks to over a month to make sure the spell meets the client’s needs.

The fourth reason is karma. If you agree that our purpose is self-improvement and self-understanding, as well as correcting our mistakes, then it’ll be easy for you to understand how karma works. Karma determines the rules of your personal game prohibiting you from, for example:

- Getting married;

- Having a long-term relationship;

- Raising a baby;

- Having children;

- Having a loyal partner;

- Finding true love.

You can’t defeat karma so it needs to be repaired. Otherwise it’s bound to bring you to a point where your significant other will break up with you. Karma has many tricks to make it happen, from loss of attractiveness to insanity, alcohol abuse and nervous breakdowns. An experienced occult expert сan repair karma within a few months, removing all the bans and replacing them with a program to build a happy family life.

The fifth reason is a celibacy wreath. It’s an awful curse described in multiple articles on my website, so I, spellcaster Maxim, won’t repeat myself. Please use the search box to find articles about curses and pay attention to tips on self-diagnostics. In my experience, every third single man and single woman without children has a celibacy wreath on them.

Marriage binding spells should be cast only after your spell caster has treated and fixed all your current energy and karmic problems. Don’t forget that your future spouse is also a party to the spell. If it turns out your loved one has some problems too, they will need to be fixed as well. Otherwise, this person won’t be able to feel true, genuine and selfless love for you.


Marriage binding spells


Marriage binding spellsQuestion:

“Can I have one of the strong marriage spells cast without having any energy or karmic problems eliminated and then if it doesn’t work, do it the way you say is right?”


“You can. However, you’ll fail. As far as I understand, you think you’re special and your marriage spell will work. However, you must not count on luck when it comes to love. Secondly, it’ll ultimately cost you more because that way you’ll need to not only have the target’s energy cleansed and healed but also the first spell removed, and then you’ll need to wait for your loved one’s energy to restore which can take up to a few months.”


“Why can’t marriage binding spells be put on and by pregnant women?”


“Because it’s hard to predict how the spell will impact the baby and if it’ll introduce any unwanted negative changes into its destiny. So it’s always better to wait until the baby is born and use magic after.”


“Why aren’t you working with gay people?”


“You’re wrong or, maybe, you didn’t read my articles carefully. I work with representatives of the LGBT community and I take pride in my ability to make a straight person fall in love with a homosexual person.”


“I have an impression that some experts of the occult tell their clients they’re cursed or have bad karma only to make them pay for their ad-on services. Am I right?”


“There are several great methods to determine the mystical reasons of loneliness and inability to get married. With their help you can check yourself and determine if you have a curse on you or not. Besides, modern scammers and con men came up with a better idea to fool clients. They don’t do anything at all. They get paid and wait. Sometimes they get lucky and the client happens to find love and get married, and it’s the con man who gets credit for it.

Also I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to add that you can always make an appointment with another sorcerer or witch and see if their conclusions regarding your curse (if you have one or not) match. If they’re trained and experienced spell casters, they will.”


“Can I order a ritual for my son to marry the girl I’ve chosen for him?”


“You can order any rituals to influence any people you want. If you want your son to marry a certain girl, I’ll make it happen. Besides, I can help you and any of your relatives build a happier life. The fact that you’re ordering a spell for a third party doesn’t affect the price of the spell.”


“Which rituals are better, black or white magic?”


“If you don’t mind being in a relationship without love, contact black magic sorcerers. But if you’re an affectionate person looking for genuine feelings, selfless love and support, hire a white spell caster serving light forces.”


“I’m not a popular guy and women don’t really like me. I’m in love with a gorgeous woman who’s always surrounded by wealthy and successful guys. Can magic make her mine? I want to marry her.”


“Of course! For example, I can fulfill your request in about a month and a half. But let me warn you that your marriage won’t last, unless you also use magic to become the most attractive version of yourself or agree to recast the spell at least once a year.”


“I’m over 50 but my boyfriend is only 23. Can you use your marvelous spells to help us get married?”


“Age is a problem only if one of the future spouses is underage. I, spellcaster Maxim, see no problem helping two consenting adults get married, no matter how big the age gap is between them. Moreover, my spells will ensure that the spouses will continue to love and care for each other at least over the next few years.”

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